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About a Session

Prior to a personal session, I will sit in mediation and tune into the clients electromagnetic field or energy.  It is an intelligent field which contains vast amounts of  information.   I set the intention that whatever is most helpful and healing for my client come through and I note any communication that I tune into.   I receive information in multiple ways.  Often there is a movie screen where images will present themselves.  I also hear or feel in my physical body, any communications relevant to the client.

What I'm looking for are points of tension in the field where things aren't flowing optimally.  Over time,  when energy is constricted it can express in many different physical and emotional ways.  My intention is to uncover the root cause energetically.  There are multiple ways in which this can present itself.  Sometimes there is an ancestral component or it is related to trauma or events earlier in life, or simply it can express as patterns that are challenging to overcome.  


At the beginning of the session I share what I have tuned into and we do a deeper dive on any topics of interest as a result.  This is an interactive session where clients can ask specific questions they are looking for clarity on.  I also open the space to invite any loved ones that have passed away to come forward and communicate if so desired.


I conclude with some energy balancing in the clients field to clear and unwind any of the energetic patterns that are impeding them from experiencing what they desire to experience in life.  There is a feeling of upliftment and clarity that comes as a result of the session, and it helps to leverage your own personal alignment and gifts.  From that place of alignment comes tremendous opportunity! 

My Offerings

Rock Balancing
Buddha Statue
Japanese Garden

In Person

This session takes place in my Calgary based residence.  Typically sessions are approximately 1.5 hours in duration.


This session takes place remotely via zoom.  The first portion of the session will take place on the call.  The energy balancing portion I will do after the call is concluded.   Once completed, I will send an email summarizing what I worked on.

Session Follow Ups

This is an opportunity to book some time for any follow up questions after the  session if desired.  The sessions are very dynamic and often things shift quickly in the field which can lead to subsequent questions.

Home/Business Clearings

An energy upgrade for your home or business!  Much like people, homes and buildings hold on to energetic imprints too.  This option works well if you have just moved in to a new space or are looking to elevate the frequency of a space you have been in for some time.   Please contact me for more detailed information and pricing.

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